ICT Enabled Education

Benefits of Distance Learning Programs with ICT

Our Courses provide several benefits over traditional correspondence based distance education programs. ICT programs are gaining popularity due their flexibility, quality academics and interactivity between the faculty and the learners as well as between the learners

Simplicity and Flexibility

The ICT format of education provides flexibility of time and space to the students. Students can learn according to their own convenient time and can also interact with their teachers at their own convenience using the messaging and forum modules of the Learning Management System

Open Scheduling

Many of the ICT courses of the University are available in two admission cycles. Students, who missed the admission cycle during the July session of the University, may opt to enter the January session for the courses providing this option

Cost Savings

Research points to significant cost advantages on ICT learning over face-to-face learning. The courses of ANU have been priced very sensibly so as to cater to a very large number of students. The courses are also covered by various scholarships for the deserving and the needy

Better access to expertise

ICT programs use the expertise of several educators from across the globe. These educators are seasoned academicians and veteran industry professionals. Using the ICT enabled teaching formats, the University has been able to bring in their expertise for the benefit of its students

Up to date Content

Most of the content available to the students in the our Programs is contemporary and relevant. Using cutting edge technology, the University has been able to keep the ICT content up-to-date

Continuous feedback and analytics

The University uses several mediums to interact and provide feedback to its students. The Learning Management System has tremendous amount of analytics running on it and provides a window to the learner to analyze his own progress and motivate him towards better performance

Networking Opportunities

The ICT learning platform provides a window to the learner to connect with his fellow students. This provides greater access to expertise and knowledge of faculty members and peers. Such networking open up opportunities of learning and beyond for the students


Most reports on the subject point to the fact that Distance Learning Programs with ICT, due to its extensive use of Audio and Video tools, has been quite effective with the students. This is further reinforced by timely feedback with integrated ICT quizzes and tools to rapidly evaluate learning. The video lectures strive to simulate a real life classroom experience and provide mastery over the subject as compared to any correspondence program

A better fit for 21st century students

The 21st century has seen a digital revolution in the professional world. Most of the operations in a corporate (and increasingly in Government), are performed using technology. our learning inculcates technology skills and hence is considered to be better than traditional distance programs

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